Thawing Ground Turkey Practical Guide Using Microwave in Step-by-Step

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Thawing Ground Turkey Practical Guide Using Microwave in Step-by-Step

Thawing ground turkey is a necessary step to take if you want to cook frozen turkey. This is because frozen turkey will be hard to be cooked evenly and it takes more effort and time to process it. In this following guide, you will be shown the right steps on how to thaw ground turkey by using microwave. Using microwave is the most practical option from all of the available alternatives, because it only takes about 5-10 minutes.

Turkey is a meat with plenty of healthy protein. Just like fish and beef, it is also able to be preserved by freezing it up. Ground turkey in particular, has been an appealing ingredient for a lot of families around the world in the past several years.

Here are the steps on thawing ground turkey in microwave:


  1. Take your frozen ground turkey out from the freezer and remove its package entirely.
  2. Place the frozen ground turkey inside microwave-safe container (plate or bowl).
  3. Set your microwave on 30% or on the low power setting (defrost mode) for 5 minutes.
  4. After the 5 minutes mark is up, open the microwave and check if the ground turkey has defrosted. If it isn’t yet, then put it back inside microwave and set for another minute.
  5. Repeat the fourth step until the frozen turkey has completely defrosted.

As mentioned before, thawing ground turkey by using microwave is the fastest way to do so. However, some people might not be allowed to consume microwaved foods because of particular health issues. In this case, you may choose another ground turkey defrosting methods such as moving the ground turkey to the fridge for a few hours to an entire day. Alternatively, you may put the frozen ground turkey package in water for several hours.

Now, if your frozen ground turkey has been successfully defrosted, you need to cook it as soon as possible. This is meant to prevent quick bacteria growth. The bacteria growth has even been initiated since the thawing process inside microwave, albeit to only some extent. If you have any leftover of the defrosted ground turkey, you have to immediately place it back to refrigerator.

You already know defrosting ground turkey as instructed above. Thawing ground turkey in microwave is such a handy way to treat the meat before you can use it to prepare recipes for your planned dish to cook.

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