Whole Foods Hydro Flask Details, the Colorful Flask to Cheer Up Your Day!

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Whole Foods Hydro Flask Details, the Colorful Flask to Cheer Up Your Day!

You may have heard about Whole Foods Hydro Flask, or even seen it once or twice. What is so good about this flask that it gets recommended by people? First thing first, it’s a flask with many beautiful colors, from a block color to dual-toned flask, you got it. Second, it will help you to keep your body hydrated while in work or maybe doing outdoor activities.  

Wondering where to get it? It’s simple, just go to any Whole Foods location, ask the staff there for Whole Foods Hydro Flask, and there you go. Or if you don’t want to tackle much hassle, you sure are able to visit a marketplace, place an order, and boom! You’ll get the flask ready after several days.

So, what does this flask have to offer? Here are some details to help you find out what’s good about this Whole Foods flask.


This flask comes in two sizes: 32 oz., which is 900 ml, or 40 oz., which is equal to 1,100 ml. Need a flask that hydrates you all day long? Pick the bigger one.


As said earlier, you can get various block colors to choose. What we got after checking it from eBay are these colors:

  • Black. A neutral color that just fits well with all situations. 
  • White. Clean and bright, just as your day if you stay hydrated.
  • Olive. If you love this natural color, this is a perfect option.
  • Pacific. Clear and bright, this bright blue color is just cute.
  • Carnation. Do you love pink? Carnation is the right choice if you say yes.
  • Sunflower. Make your day cheerful by using a flask this color. Yellow blow!
  • Spearmint. Who says light green doesn’t spark joy?
  • Hibiscus. Peachy flask will make your day sweet!
  • Cobalt. Whatever you call it—navy or dark blue, cobalt Whole Foods bottle will never disappoint.
  • Stone. Seeking a neutral color, black-n-white in-between? Grey is the answer!

Aside from the colors mentioned earlier, you will also be able to find colors in gradation. However, this will be a pricier piece to download. 


You will get a flask with a lid which is coming with a built-in straw. 


The price of this flask is priced US$ 25.00 for each. As said earlier, if you are getting the flask with gradation, you will need to pay more. If you are searching for it in marketplace, you may end up with different price from one seller to another.

So, those are the details of this flask. Are you ready to purchase this Whole Foods Hydro Flask

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