Best High Fiber Cereal for Constipation with Zero to Low Sugar Content

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Best High Fiber Cereal for Constipation with Zero to Low Sugar Content

Incorporating the best high fiber cereal for constipation can do wonder if you’re planning to improve the health of your bower movements. Typically, cereal fibers help to retain water and repel digestion, and it is recommended for adults to consume 25 to 38 grams of fiber each day.

You may have already known that there are so many available options of high-fiber cereal in the market. If you’re wondering which cereal is good for constipation in particular, then you may choose from the recommended picks below.

Fiber One by General Mills

Fiber One Original Bran Breakfast Cereal successfully gains a spot in this list due to its rich fiber substance of 18 gr per serving. In addition, this cereal also contains no additional sugar so it is definitely a generally healthy option of breakfast cereal.


Kellogg’s All-Bran Buds cereal

The second recommended best high fiber cereal for constipation comes from Kellogg’s brand, which is the All-Bran Buds cereal. With 17 gr of fiber per serving, it comes as a good choice that you can mix with other ingredient such as yogurt. Note that this cereal contains 12 gr of sugars.


Post Wheat n Bran Shredded Wheat

For those of you who favor shredded wheat, then this one Post cereal product can be an excellent alternative. Providing 9 gr of fiber and 0 gr of sugar per serving, it makes an ideal choice as a breakfast cereal.


General Mills, Fiber One Cereal, Honey Clusters

Some of you may not agree to call granola as cereal, but there’s no way you’d hate the superior flavor combination and crunchy texture offered by granola. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to enjoy it with yogurt, milk, or simply eat it as it is; this low-sugar granola (6 gr per serving) still makes a great alternative.


Post, Breakfast Cereal, Grapes Nut

Last but not least recommendation from this list is the Grape Nuts, a favorite for plenty of people. A cup of Grape Nuts contains 14 gr of fiber, but the recommended serving size is half a cup. It is already enough to meet half of the suggested fiber consumption in the morning.

Choosing a healthy breakfast option sometimes requires you to sacrifice the taste, especially if you have to avoid sugar as well. However, this doesn’t apply if you choose one of the best high fiber cereal for constipation recommendations above, as they also provide great flavors.

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