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Vanilla Bean Paste Trader Joe’s, the Best Vanilla Bean Paste to Try

Written by Chef Anderson · 1 min read >
Vanilla Bean Paste Trader Joe’s, the Best Vanilla Bean Paste to Try

Is vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s a great product? You won’t know until you search it online. So far, many customers dare to say that they will repurchase the product in the future. Why so? Customers say that this product provides a great taste for their cake, and it adds excellent vanilla flavor.

Trader Joe’s on the product’s Amazon page claims that the vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s is made by combining 100% pure extract of vanilla and added by real seeds of vanilla pod. The Trader Joe’s vanilla bean paste has a consistency resembling to that of maple syrup. Any recipe that requires vanilla shot, you got this!

No need to worry about the color it brings. It won’t alter the light color of your desserts and baking products. Hence, it is perfect to help you add vanilla taste into your custard, crème brulee, ice cream, shortbread, or any type of breads and cakes.

It is claimed that one jar of your vanilla bean paste is equal to 12 flavorful vanilla beans, making it as a strong vanilla taste to offer. One teaspoon of it equals to one vanilla bean, which will be able to replace vanilla extract in the same amount. It means, if you need one teaspoon of vanilla extract, you can use one teaspoon of this bean paste to replace it. What’s special is that this vanilla paste is pretty much cheaper!

The ingredients of this paste will include vanilla extract, sugar, some water, vanilla bean specks, and then acacia gum plus xanthan gum. The paste comes in the size of 2 ounces.

  • Where to find Trader Joe’s vanilla beans

You can find Trader Joe’s vanilla bean paste in your local grocery store, exactly in the baking aisle as this item is typical for baking purposes. However, it is available according to the season, counting fall as the main season this vanilla bean paste are sold in.

  • What people say about this product?

You may only open your purse after hearing some folk’s words, and that’s totally acceptable. According to some reviews online, the vanilla bean paste is delicious. They even say that they want a bigger size of the product.

Some other said it may be a pricey product to start with. However, the result of their baking is super: not only it tastes delicious, but the smell comes from the baking process is also magnificent. Many used the product for cheesecake, macaroons and its fillings, and even homemade lattes!

So, ready to spice up your game with some vanilla bean paste? Say no doubt, get your bottle of vanilla bean paste Trader Joe’s now!

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