Heavy Whipping Cream Keto, the Different Ideas on How to Use the Ingredient in Various Ways

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Heavy Whipping Cream Keto, the Different Ideas on How to Use the Ingredient in Various Ways

Heavy whipping cream keto friendly menu are some of the best way to seek out new choices and opportunities when it comes to incorporating keto diet regime. You may not have known it yet, but healthy cream is actually a keto-friendly ingredient with plenty of energizing fats content that is suitable for breakfast, brunch, lunch, to dinner.

Heavy cream is a type of cream that has around 36 to 40% contents of milkfat. The fat substance is higher than whole milk, which makes it a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen. The fact that it contains more fat contents means that you can whip it easily and heat it to higher temperatures with less chance of condensing.

Heavy cream contains approximately 51 calories/tablespoon or 400 calories/half a cup. Most of those (more than 96%) are fat calorie. There are also a bunch of healthy substances such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A.

Below are some of the ideas on how to incorporate heavy whipping cream keto to your diet:


A lot of people who integrate keto diet regime are drinking coffee in the morning. It contains a natural metabolism booster ingredient, which is caffeine that helps to burn more calories when you’re doing nothing.

Coffee, along with tea, is a beverage that has low amount of calories and are keto-friendly. Theoretically, it is okay to drink coffee as much as you want to and remain to be in ketosis state. Integrating heavy cream into a cup of coffee will allow your body to feel more energetic while not adding many calories.



Heavy whipping cream keto dessert probably makes the most exciting option from this list. There are plenty of whipping up or baking recipes using heavy cream that give ideas to create flavorful treats on the internet.


Appetizer or Side Dishes

Side dishes and entrée menu might not sound as compelling as desserts like ice cream, but the options are not less varied than the latter either. Heavy cream is an ingredient that helps to create smooth texture as it can thicken up the used sauce.


Shakes or Smoothies

With its decadent and creamy texture, heavy cream is a great addition to shakes and smoothies. Similarly, there are also tons of recipes using this ingredient you can find online.

As you can conclude from the list above, heavy cream is a very versatile ingredient as it can be incorporated to various dishes during anytime of the day. Simply browse the net to discover various heavy whipping cream keto recipes to expand your horizon regarding this health-oriented diet.

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