Copper Piping Floor Design Ideas

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Copper Piping Floor Design Ideas

One simple yet substantial idea to decorate a house is its floor. Some people may find the floor a simple element of the house that people can easily neglect and take for granted. That is why many people just want to stay simple for the floor. However, that is not 100% true since, even though the floor is a simple element of the room, but if you can make it nice and extraordinary, the floor will steal the attention without having too much furniture in the house. In this case, having acopper piping floor design can be your choice.

Copper Floor As you can see from the picture, the copper piping floor design in the room is simply extraordinary and breathtaking. It is a visualization by Max Zhukov and an actual apartment located in St. Petersburg. The apartment is actually an old building which is built in 1912 and because of that, the designer, may want to keep the classic touch of the room. The floor is one way that the designer brilliantly choose to deal with first.

Having this sophisticated floor design will allow to relax when it comes to selecting the furniture. In other word, the floor is the main attraction of the house and you do not have to worry about the furniture or the wall color tone. From the pictures, you can see that the whole wall is painted white. Having white walls does not mean that you cannot make it sophisticated too. As the designer shows us, the wall is also equipped with some wall frame and wall sculpture. You can also put some bookshelves on the wall and some kitchen cupboard.

To highlight the simplicity of the room, you can have some wood furniture, such as wood dining tables, wood chairs, and even wood panel stairway. This will make the room just look fresh and elegant. In the end, copper piping floor design will make your decoration plan become easier that you ever think.

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