Backpackers Pantry Reviews: One of the Most Popular Outdoor Meals

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Backpackers Pantry Reviews

If you love to spend free time doing outdoor activities, you will be grateful of these Backpackers Pantry reviews. When doing an outdoor activity, specifically that takes really long time, there are many things that should be prepared. That includes food. The food that is suitable to be brought during such activities must fulfill certain criteria. This food producer offers diverse meal options that are deemed suitable for outdoor condition.

Although food is an important necessity during outdoor activity, it is not possible to bring any kind of food. First of all, the food should be light enough to be carried. Someone is likely going to travel very long distance during camping or trekking. Carrying heavy items will only weigh down the person. The food should also not require complex preparation because in the open nature, there is very limited resource. Because of this, many people opt for freeze dried meals.

The outdoor food products released by this company are very varied. There are basic meals such as granola and oats. However, for those who still want to eat elaborate food during a hike, this producer also covers them up. There is a prepackaged fettuccine alfredo with chicken. Buyers can also find pad thai, potato stew, and chana masala in its product lineups. Imagine eating such menu outside in the nature!

Backpackers Pantry reviews in terms of product options are quite favorable. There gluten free, organic, vegan, low sodium meals for people who have specific diet restrictions. The meals offered by this produces are high in protein, mineral, and carbohydrate which are required for strenuous activities. The great things about the meal are not only about its high nutritional contents and dietary options. Reviewers stated that despite being prepackaged food, the products still taste good.

If compared to other similar products in the market, Backpackers Pantry meals are a little bit more expensive. Although not significant, it also weighs more per package. The pouch is also a bit difficult to handle especially during rehydrating process. Compared to other products, it also requires more prepping time, which is around 15 to 20 minutes.

The food products from this producer have very long shelf life. Regular outdoor food products normally have 7 years of shelf life. Meanwhile the emergency food products have longer life, which is about 10 years. The Backpackers Pantry reviews explained in this article should help you making decision about which product to use for the next outing.

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