Lovesac Dog Bed, the Trendiest Bed You Can Give to Your Dog

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Lovesac Dog Bed, the Trendiest Bed You Can Give to Your Dog

Lovesac dog bed is becoming new trend among dog owners around the world. Lovesac accessories tend to be pricey. However, the comfort that it offers is almost incomparable. This bed is not strictly designed for humans or dogs. Everyone can enjoy it happily. The bed is stuffed with durafoam. This material makes the bed stays fluffy for a long period of time without deflating.

High durability is not the only great thing about this bed. It is quiet not difficult to be cleaned too. When you have a dog, you can expect them to create mess on their bed. The cover of Lovesac dog bed can be removed from its stuffing without fuss. You can use washing machine to clean the cover as its material is able to handle rough treatment. This bed can also be moved around too. When the stuffing is not fluffed up, you can place it inside your car’s cargo.

When you are ordering this product, you can customize its cover’s material. The manufacturer gives you options like micro suede, velvet, faux fur, and weaves. Faux fur cover will definitely elevate the experience while lying on the bed. Other materials are also great if you prefer smoother surface. There are a wide range of color choices too from the earthy and neutral ones to bright colors. Check some products of Lovesac dog bed below.

PillowSac This bed is 4.5 feet wide and 6.25 feet long. The entire bedding weighs about 35 pounds. It may not be the easiest thing to carry around. This sac suits moderate to big size dogs.

GamerSac This sac is able to accommodate small to moderate size dogs comfortably. The width and length are 2.5 feet each. Its total weight is about 22 pounds.

CitySac CitySac is perfect for medium size to big size dogs. It is 3 feet in width and length. The weight of this bed is about 35 pounds.

MovieSac MovieSac is great place to get cuddly with your dog. It is 5 feet wide and 3.5 feet long. This bed is quiet heavy at 45 pounds. Nonetheless, it will be the most comfortable bed you ever lie on. Originally this product is designed for humans. Many dog owners find it as great bedding for their beloved pet, though. Hopefully, this Lovesac dog bed discussion will be able to help you deciding which one of products to buy.

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