Wood Home Design For Living Room

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Wood Home Design For Living Room

If you are one of those people who love nature, you can always love the idea of making wood beam as one of the main part of your home design. Nothing can beat the natural impression that wood can bring into the house. It is simply refreshing to have some wood furniture at our house, primarily when almost all of the furniture nowadays has been much dominated by glass and metal. For that matter, having your house mainly designed with wood is one of the thing to get a different look.

Wood Material With Modern Look

As what you can see from the pictures, this amazing design with wood beam as the main element is created by Margaux Beia. It is actually an apartment in Marais with 50 square meters. It is clearly and smartly stated from the pictures that the designer wanted to show how the wood material can pop against the white walls for an eclectic design. This design is not only naturally friendly for our eyes, but very enchanting in design.

Wood is also used as the floor material. The color is brighter than the beam but still perfectly match with it and the wall. The design is taking a farther amazing step by picking solid walnut wall to generate the limited space. Taking a glass door fro separating between the bedroom and the living room and the kitchen is a very good idea. This will not only allow the sunlight from outside to the bedroom, but also to the entire room. In the end, you will get a good lightning for the entire room However, we cannot lie that what strikes the most from this home design is how the designer can beautifully make the wood beam as the natural ceiling prop in the living room. So creative!

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