Wood Dining Table Ideas For A Modern House

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Wood Dining Table Ideas For A Modern House

Wood dining table can be so hard to resist, primarily if you have most of your furniture made from other non-wood material, such as glass or metal. One perfect example of this can be seen from a home design created by Elena Teplova. The picture shows how a simple wood table in the kitchen can be a nice touch for a modern home design. Many people argue that wood furniture cannot really go with modern style, but this designer has proven those people wrong. All you have to do is making sure that you have the best pick for every furniture in the room.

Simple touch For A Natural Look

In the picture, you can see how the designer wisely choose a cream-colored wood dining table for the room. This color in fact can perfectly match with the floor color tone which by the way also is made from wood with the same color tone. However, you can always play white color of the wood chairs instead. Pick some chairs with darker look to make your dining table look unique. In order to make it nicer and more sophisticated, you can get a lamp with a dark frame. Put it above the dining table. Picking the yellow light for the lamp. It will make the table look cozy

The picture also shows us how this table can go with every color. The simplest color selection, such as white and black, can be the perfect example. You can see how almost all of the wall is painted white, and some furniture are black. This shows that wood furniture can perfectly match with all of the color that you may pick for the room. Another important tips that we can learn from this home design is do not take a lot of furniture in a limited space. All you have to do is making sure that everything is useful in its very own way, primarily the wood dining table.

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