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Takis Fuego Ingredients and 4 Most Essentials Items You Should Prepare

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Takis Fuego Ingredients and 4 Most Essentials Items You Should Prepare

There are quite a lot Takis Fuego ingredients that you have to prepare when you want to make the copycat version of the snack. Buying bags of Takis is possible but it will be so much better if you just make them at home. It can be healthier and you can also adjust the taste closer to your liking. Here are four essential ingredients that you have to prepare when trying to make homemade Takis.


Tortilla Rolls

One of the most important Takis Fuego ingredients that you have to prepare is tortilla rolls. This is going to be the Takis. The quick way of preparing these ingredients is buying the store-bought tortilla rolls. They are coming in package and they are ready to use. However, if you have to make them on your own, they are very easy to make, too, because it is just masa flour, oil and water.


Spice Mix

Instead of wondering where to buy Takis chips, you can make your own and the key ingredient here is the spice mix. The spice mix is basically just the equal amount of chili powder, paprika powder, onion powder, and garlic powder. If you want the taste to be more authentic, use ancho chili powder and add a dash of cayenne pepper into the mixture.


Powdered Cheese

Takis is well-known for its hint of cheese flavor. To get this taste, you have to use powdered cheese. Cheddar powder cheese will be recommended as it has the closest taste to the cheesy taste in takis. Sprinkle the cheese powder on top of the finished dish or you can also add the powdered cheese into the spice mix.


Lime Juice

Takis also has hint of lime flavor. You can use lime salt to get this taste. However, most people make homemade Takis with fresh lime juice. The lime juice is poured over the tortilla rolls before the spice mix is tossed. It helps the spice powder to stick on the rolls better.

If you cannot find those ingredients, well, you just have to wing it by making your own tortilla rolls for example. The spice mix can also get altered with something else, like taco mix. The best thing about this recipe is the fact that it is very easy to make and it tastes really delicious. So, if you really crave a bag of Takis for game night or movie night, simply prepare those Takis Fuego ingredients and cook it.

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