Soaking Garbanzo Beans: Why and How to Do that?

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Soaking Garbanzo Beans

Soaking garbanzo beans is a must. Garbanzo bean is one of the most famous type of middle-eastern beans. It is also known as chickpeas. The texture is quite chewy and juicy when they are cooked properly. So, when you buy this kind of pea, you will most likely end up with the dried one, and you have to soak it before you can cook it. The further information about it will be shown below.


Why Soaking Garbanzo Beans?

The main reason why you need to soak the bean is the fact that it has hard outer shell. The shell is hard as nail and it won’t get easily peeled off if the beans are not soaked first. This is the reason why you need to pre-soak the beans before you can even cook it. Boiling it without cooking will result on hard beans that won’t taste even good enough for everyone’s palette.


Garbanzo Quick Soaking Method

The quick soaking chickpeas beans are done with the help of stove heat. You need to prepare a large pot with lid. Add the washed peas into the pot and then cover it up with water until everything is submerged. Then, turn on the heat and then boil the mixture for 1 minute. Then, sprinkle some baking soda and then let it soak in the liquid for 1 hour. Drain after done.


Garbanzo Slow Soaking Method

The slow soaking garbanzo beans method is done using cold water completely. It is done the similar way as you need to prepare pot with lid. Then, add the chickpeas and cover it up with cold water. Close the pan and let it soak for at least 12 hours. During that time, the peas will slowly absorb the water and swell properly.

The method will ensure better texture and eventually better taste for the beans. It is slow and takes time, though. This method is recommended when you have lots and lots of time for cooking and preparing for the dish.

From that explanation, it is clear to understand how important it is to soak your peas before you can cook it. The hard shell of the peas won’t taste good, and when the peas are not soaking enough water, it won’t swell and will be hard to chew. Soak the beans using any methods that you choose, including the two methods explained above about soaking garbanzo beans.

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