Pizza Hut Crusts Types – What’s the Difference?

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Pizza Hut Crusts Types – What’s the Difference

How many Pizza Hut crusts types out there? Do you know the difference between pizza crusts that you order from the restaurant? Find out the types of Pizza Hut crusts and everything you need to know about them on the following page.

Original Pan Crust

Also known as the deep-dish pizza, the Original Pan Crust of Pizza Hut is the basic form of all pizza crusts produced by the restaurant today. This pizza crust type has not changed for almost 40 years. The original pan crust was only updated in 2019. The latest changes in the recipe give this crust type a better buttery and crispy crust.

Cheesy Bite Crust

Cheesy Bite Crust a limited edition and will be an ideal option to take especially if you want to try something different from the pizza options offered by Pizza Hut. It is actually pizza surrounded by balls created from the similar ingredients used in the pizza. But, still, this pizza crust is popular among the guests of the restaurants. Get extra cheese in every bite of your pizza.

Thin and Crispy Crust

If you prefer a smaller and less doughy pizza, this thin and crispy pizza crust can be a perfect option to take. Unlike other types of crusts, this thin and crispy crust uses less chewy dough. In this way, the texture of the crust feels crispier and lighter. However, this type of pizza crust doesn’t cost less than the other crusts despite the less amount of dough used in the recipe.

Gluten-Free Pizza Crust

If your body can’t tolerate all-gluten products, Pizza Hut has a fun alternative to offer. This gluten-free pizza crust has been certified by Udi, making it safe for those who are suffering from celiac disease. Not only made of a gluten-free recipe, but this crust option also comes with a gluten-free topping. Moreover, this gluten-free pizza crust doesn’t share the same cooking appliances used to create regular pizzas.

Stuffed Crust

As the name suggests, you can expect that this stuffed crust is thicker than standard pizza crusts you can find in Pizza Hut. The crust comes with a thicker look since it is filled with a blend of five different kinds of cheese, they are mozzarella, fontina, white cheddar, provolone, and asiago. The five-cheese blend of the crust makes it so cheesy, making it a perfect option for cheese lovers. Not only that this stuffed crust comes with a thicker dough and stronger flavor. That is why the stuffed crust is one of the most ordered Pizza Hut crust types by consumers.

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