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Modern Caprese Sandwich Panera as the Healthier, Quick-to-Prepare ‘Fast-food’ for Breakfast

Written by Chef Anderson · 1 min read >
Modern Caprese Sandwich Panera as the Healthier, Quick-to-Prepare ‘Fast-food’ for Breakfast

Modern Caprese sandwich Panera is a menu that you can create with a bag of that plain Panera bread. Easy to make, this hearty sandwich also offers you nutritious components that makes this a good shot for breakfast. What’s more – it’s vegetarian friendly, too! So if you are one of our vegetarian fellows, you shouldn’t worry that this sandwich is doing harm to animals.

In this article, you will find out how to make this delicious and quick to prepare sandwich. Moreover, the step-by-step procedure of making this modern Caprese sandwich Panera will be explained as follows. Be ready and make sure to prepare your pen and jotter!


  • One pack of Panera whole grain bread (Hearty White). For this recipe only, you need only 4 slices of it
  • 6 oz mozzarella cheese (or more, sliced).
  • 4-5 oz of Roma tomatoes, sliced. You can also choose any kinds of tomatoes that come up ready at the nearest grocery store
  • 0.25 cup basil pesto

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Have a non-stick skillet or panini press ready. Turn on your stove, and have your utensil pre-heated over medium heat.
  2. Divide 4 slices of Panera bread into two stacks (2 sandwiches). Then, prepare your pesto and spread it on each slice of Panera bread.
  3. Slice your mozzarella cheese and put it on your bread.
  4. Slice your tomatoes thin enough for a sandwich then layer it on top of the cheese and pesto-spread bread.
  5. Top the sandwich with the remaining bread. Slightly press the bread to ease you while toasting.
  6. Now as your skillet already heated, toast your sandwich. You will need around 2 minutes for each side. Flip the sandwich afterwards. Aside from making the bread slightly crunchier, this is carried out in order to make the cheese melt – making the inner side of your sandwich chewier.
  7. Voila, now you have your Caprese pesto Panera sandwich!

As mentioned earlier, this meal is a nutritious, hearty meal that you can have as a quick breakfast. In this sandwich, you can expect a fulfilling 550-calorie energy boost. These calories mostly coming from fat, which is reasonable enough since this meal uses cheese as one of its main ingredients.

It can be a fulfilling enough for a breakfast, but if you are looking for a meal with more fiber, you shouldn’t expect much from this sandwich original recipe. Hence, adding some greens may help to improve the dietary fiber amount. Moreover, for less fat, consider using vegan-friendly cheese which mostly is lower in fats. That way, your modern Caprese sandwich Panera can be a balanced ‘fast-food’ meal that you can make at home.

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