Libby’s Pumpkin Muffins Tips and Tricks that You Need to Know

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Libby’s Pumpkin Muffins

Libby’s pumpkin muffins are made a lot of times by those who love pumpkin everything. One of the best canned pumpkin pure brands that you can ever find is the one from Libby’s of course. This pumpkin in a can is very delicious, nutritious and can be turned into a muffin very easily. Some tricks and tips for that should be found below.


Use Libby’s 100% Organic Pure Pumpkin for Healthier Result

There are two versions of the product. The first one is the regular one and the next one is the organic one. For the healthier result of the muffin, use the organic one. It has less sugar content as well as the pumpkins are 100% organic.


Add Cream Cheese or Crumbles for Tastier Muffin

The best type of pumpkin muffin from Libby’s that you can eat is the Libby’s pumpkin muffins with cream cheese or with crumbles. Add them on top of the muffin before they are going into the oven. That way, you will be able to get the crunchy exterior and soft, gooey inside of the muffin. It will taste absolutely delicious for sure.


Use the 8oz Can of Libby’s for Smaller Batch

If you are making smaller batch, like muffins for yourself or for 2 people only, use the smallest can of Libby’s. The smallest one is the 8oz one. It is cheaper and it measures exactly 1 cup. All you need to do is just adding the rest of the ingredients, mostly the self-rising flour and the mix spice and then the batter for the muffin will be prepared.


Use Libby’s as Substitute for Eggs, Butter and Oil

The best thing about making Libby’s pumpkin muffins is that you can go absolutely egg free or oil free. You do not have to use butter as well for this. The can of pumpkin puree is great as substitute for the ingredients. You do not need to add anything else as liquid material to the recipe at all.

For those who want to make the muffin from the product now, do not forget to follow the tips as shown above. You should end up with delicious muffin and it will bring a lot of people to admire your creation. This is the reason why everyone should eat the muffin made from Libby’s and the Libby’s pumpkin muffins is surely going to be a show stopper.

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