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Homemade Cowboy-Cut Ribeye Steak Recipe with Coffee Ancho Dry Rub

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Homemade Cowboy-Cut Ribeye Steak Recipe with Coffee Ancho Dry Rub

Most of the time, cowboy-cut ribeye steak is packed with great flavor and can be used to feed some individuals at once. This could be a perfect menu to celebrate various occasions, especially the ones held outdoor under blue or starry skies. Learn about how to cook this impressive looking steak on the following page and amuse your guests with the rich flavor offered.


This recipe is cooked with a Coffee Ancho Dry Rub and only involves ingredients. To create the perfect cut ribeye steaks, you can use the reverse sear method. Ready to make your cowboy cut-ribeye steak? Here are the instructions.

  • 2 bone-in cowboy ribeye steaks, pick up the ones with 2 ½ to 3 inches thick
  • ¼ cup Coffee Ancho Dry Rub
  • 2 tbsp Extra Virgin olive oil (one tablespoon for each steak)

How to Cook the Steak

The preparation time to cook this ribeye steak is about 15 minutes with a total estimated cooking time of 1.5 hours.

  1. To start the cooking process of the steak, manage to preheat the smoker to 2500F. If you want to get a nice cooking result, firing the smoker with fruit will be a great option to take. You can use cherry or applewood for that.
  2. Next, coat the steaks with 1 tablespoon of oil while waiting for the smoker to perfectly preheat. Then, you can season both of the ribeye steaks thoroughly with the dry rub.
  3. Once the smoker is heated, put the steaks on it. If you have a meat probe, you can insert it into the smoker. Smoke the ribeye steaks for about 90 minutes. Once the internal temperature of the meat is about 115 to 1200F, remove the cowboy ribeye steaks from the smoker. Then, you can start preparing for direct or indirect grilling.
  4. Put the steaks over direct heat once the grill is hot. Make sure to keep the lid closed during the grilling process to minimize flare-ups while the fats are melting onto the coals.
  5. Grill each side of the steaks for another 3 or 5 minutes. If the grill gets hotter, you can sear each side and use indirect heat to get your preferred temperature.
  6. Leave the steaks for a while and put 1 tbs of compound butter on the top of it. Leave the meat uncovered for another 15 minutes. Then, slice the cowboy cut-ribeye steaks and serve them with your desired sides.

Homemade Cowboy-Cut Ribeye Steak Recipe with Coffee Ancho Dry Rub

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