Healthiest Bread at Subway and Five Better Options to Munch Calorie-wise

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Healthiest Bread at Subway and Five Better Options to Munch Calorie-wise

Subway may be your go-to fast food, but is there a term as ‘the healthiest bread at Subway’? Fortunately, you got a lot of options there. So, if you are on a weight loss plan, you can still grab a munch from chain of theirs. Guilt free, we assure you.

However, keep in mind that even the healthiest bread at Subway still has 100+ calories that you got to burn after eating it, if you don’t want to transform it to flappy fat layer. But compared to other menu, these five Subway breads are great options to choose from. Here’s the list.

Subway’s 9-grain wheat

Starting this list at 180 calories, 9-grain wheat can be your option of healthy bread at Subway. It can be said this one is one of the lowest in calories. Its majority, which counts up to 74%, comes from a form of carbohydrate. Sounds powerful to kick-start your day? True that, and with grains you can say that the bread will fill you with much dietary grains—even fills you with generous 16% of daily fiber needs. Your gut will thank you for this.


Subway’s Italian (white) bread

Its 6-inch size comes with the same count in terms of calories with the previous option—180 calories. However, this type of bread doesn’t provide you much dietary fiber as it allows you to complete only 1% of your daily fiber need. Its carb is slightly higher, and so is the sodium.


Subway’s honey oat bread

Another low-calorie bread to choose in Subway is this one. Along with its name, it has additional 2 grams of sugar—coming from the honey. The fiber in oat helps your gut to keep your hunger fades for some time. Not to forget, taking fibers will be good for your bowel movement.


Subway’s parmesan oregano

Without its fillings, Subway’s parmesan oregano takes the next place in this Subway’s healthy bread ranking. It has 190 calories to take after the munch and gulp. Keep in mind due to it is a bit salty taste; the sodium is higher in this bread. So, if you’re trying to lower your sodium intake, better choose another bread to eat.


Subway’s roasted garlic bread

With garlic as one of the ingredients, the bread will surely smell and tastes good. The calorie that you can store after eating may be higher (210 calories), but that’s not what you should be aware of. It’s the sodium content which surpasses half of your daily limit: 1,230 mg. Calorie-wise, this one is quite nice, but not if you base the judgment on its sodium.

The calorie of those aforementioned breads may be lower than the others, but keep in mind that the calories mentioned are merely for the bread. Therefore, it may not represent the idea of ‘healthiest bread at Subway’—but now you know which bread is low in calorie count.

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