Foods that Heal the Spleen: Five Healthy Choices to Munch to ‘Fix’ Your Spleen

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Foods that Heal the Spleen

Spleen is known as one important organ to protect, and one way to do it is to have foods that heal the spleen. This organ – which is located right behind the stomach has its main role to ‘chew, mobilize, and transforming nutrients and junks into the next ‘checkpoint’. As one frontier working with by your long-term friend the digestive system, it’s vulnerable to those damaging chemicals existing in foods we eat. That explains why occasional cleansing seems to be a good idea.

Listed below are five types of foods that heal the spleen. All of these may also be beneficial in providing other health benefits for your body.


According to Chinese, a specific flavor linked to your spleen’s health is sweet. But that doesn’t mean you can gulp sugar and sugar continuously – that’ll be a disaster for your pancreas. Have your sweetness in moderation, and satiate your taste buds with the sweetness from sweet fruits like red grapes, dates, sweet cherries, plums, or raisins.



Grains, including oats, rice, polenta, amaranth, and millets, should be invited to your meal occasionally as they are included into foods that cure the spleen. With the carb these grains bring, the food will bring additional strength to your spleen, making it ready to work better. Keep in mind that you need to dodge from excessive eating if you got problem with high blood glucose levels.



Never underestimate the power of nuts and seeds—be it in the form of hazelnuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, and pistachios as they are capable enough to do wonders for your spleen. It’s fun to have nuts as snacks, but refrain from doing so especially at night. Your spleen is at its weakest at 7-11 PM, so consider munching in a moderate portion before that time.



Talking about health, vegetables are one kind of food inseparable—just like fruits. Vegetables that can help your spleen to work better are cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, and sweet potatoes. But, don’t munch it raw; clean it well and boil it to ease your digestive organs to chew it.



Though it seems to be unlikely the spices work wonder for your spleen, turns out it plays a role in improving spleen’s health as well. What spices are good for this little organ? It’s literally our common spices like turmeric, cardamom, ginger, cumin, and cinnamon—these spices have been well-known for their feature of enhancing digestion.

Try to incorporate these foods into your diet, and while taking these diets, lower your normal intake of refined sugar, dairy products, soda, raw food, and ice-cold beverages. Your spleen will frown upon those foods. Take these foods that heal the spleen around two weeks to see the change.

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