Edge Pro Knife Sharpener

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Edge Pro Knife Sharpener

There are many products for sharpening knife, and Edge Pro sharpener is one of top choices. There are reasons why you should rely on this brand. In general, manufacturer provides professional and Apex kits for the same purposes, but with different segment. Professional kit is suitable for chef or person who uses knife as the main tool for living. Moreover Apex model is less complex and suitable for daily basis cutting. This is what you should purchase when needing sharp knife immediately.

Before exploring the Edge Pro sharpener, you should know whether the knife is sharp or not. This method is easy and practical for many types of knife such as tanto, kitchen knife, and tactical, even serrated blade. Firstly, prepare paper and fold it to create the same folding section. Hold this paper at one hand and cut using blade through its folding mark. Sharp knife will pass this cutting process easily without any problem. Unfortunately, you need to check the blade sharpness if cutting process is not easy. Paper is thin and lightweight, but cutting through its folding at hanging mode is not simple. This is simple trick to know when you want to sharpen your knife.

Edge Pro sharpener belongs to manual category, but it uses advanced support tool. Before sharpening, you have to assemble each part into proper place. One benefit of this product is that it’s capable to sharpen many blades. You can use its kitchen knife, tanto blade, and curve knife.

Primary parts of this device are angle measurement and hone stone. You can set the angle to put blade at proper position. After that, move hone stone backward and forward regularly. In this process, the blade stands still without moving, but its edge will touch honing stone. You need small angle for thicker edge. The angle is available between thirty and fifteen degree.

Before using this tool, make sure to install it at solid, hard and plain surface. It may be table, counter top, or floor as long as it’s capable to hold the pressure. Be careful when moving the honing part, particularly for serrated blade. Practically, it is only for knife, but you may try it for sharpening scissor.

As it mentioned above, Edge pro has several products with many variants. Choose one that suits to your needs and purpose. Due to complex part and installation, manufacturer also provides manual book and guidance regarding each part. Moreover, you will know how to use and prepare Edge Pro sharpener via video at official site.

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