Defrosting Lobster Tails Quickly By Using Cold Water Method

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Defrosting Lobster Tails Quickly By Using Cold Water Method 1

Defrosting lobster tails is a step that you need to take before you cook the seafood properly. This is because lobster tails are usually available in frozen form to maintain their freshness, keep the flavor great, the texture to be consistent, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere you want.

Typically, letting frozen lobster tails to defrost inside refrigerator is deemed as the best way. However, it requires a full day to execute – and not every one of us has twenty-four hours just to precede some foods, right? A method you may use to defrost lobster tails fast when you don’t have much time is by using cool water to speed the process up.

Defrosting Lobster Tails Quickly By Using Cold Water Method 2

Here are five easy steps on defrosting lobster tails using cold water:

  1. Put the frozen lobster tails inside of Ziploc plastic bag. Make sure it can be sealed fully and set them so they are placed in single layer within the bag.
  2. Prepare a container and fill it up with cool water. The container must be large enough to let the frozen tails plastic bag entirely submerge inside. It is also important to ensure that you aren’t using water that’s too hot or too warm as the temperature may affect the lobster meat’s consistency.
  3. Start to immerse and submerge the frozen tails bag in the cool water. The bag must be completely covered by water. You have to ensure water won’t seeped into the bag because it may dilute the lobster tail’s natural juices.
  4. Let the bag sit inside the water filled container for half an hour. After half an hour passed, check to see if the frozen tails have fully defrosted by examining if the meat’s thickest part has thawed. If they haven’t, pour new water into the container and seal back the bag.
  5. Repeat the step four every half an hour until you are really sure that the frozen lobster tails have entirely defrosted. The length of time it takes for the lobster tails to defrost may depend on their sizes.

After you have defrosted the tails, they must be rinsed and dried before being proceeded to being cooked. Make sure you remove their digestive tract as well, which is the dark colored line that runs down on the center part of the flesh. Next time you order your lobster tails, you may refer to the guide on defrosting lobster tails in this article.

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