Chic Apartment Ideas For Your Small Flat

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Chic Apartment Ideas For Your Small Flat

Having a chic apartment does not mean that you have to have a large, high-end apartment, but all you have to do is just having some chic apartment ideas. Having a nice apartment is not that easy as long as you know two key point. The first point is knowing how to arrange the limited space to give the best use of every single space in the room. The second key point is making sure how to pick the perfect-sized furniture in the room. As long as you stick to these cardinal rules, you will be just fine.

Knowing Your Space These pictures are the apartment located in Gothenburg, Sweden with 29 square meters. The idea is actually taken from how college dorm room arrangement. This arrangement allow the limited space can at least many furniture. They key for thischic apartment ideas is making sure that you pick the right furniture. Picking the right color is also another important thing to do for making the room look more spacious and bigger. This is very important since the room need this visual effect because of the small space.

From these pictures, we can learn two important things that we can apply at our house. First, one of the brilliant idea from these nice apartment ideas is how the designer smartly choose the lofted bed. This will allow the space below the lofted bed to be used for working space. You can put a working table in this space. Secondly, you can paint the wall white. This will make the room look way bigger than it actually is. Another important idea that you can learn from this apartment is having some large glass windows. This will allow some fresh air to get inside the room. So, enjoy decorating your living space with chic apartment ideas.

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