Brats on Traeger Tips and Tricks to Grill the Perfect Brats

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Brats on Traeger Tips and Tricks to Grill the Perfect Brats

Cooking brats on Traeger is just something mandatory in every BBQ occasion. Traeger is just the perfect everything for grilling and BBQ. It has the perfect products, starting from the grill itself to the additional things for the occasions like wood pellets, BBQ sauce and more. These are some tips given by Traeger on how to cook the perfect bratwurst on them.


Use Hickory Pellets

Some people like doing experimental things when cooking brats on Traeger and they do that by altering the classic wood pellets. Well, the best and proper wood pellets to use on every grill are always the hickory pellets. They have distinct taste and they have low burning point to keep the grill’s temperature more subtle. So, always use hickory instead of other types of wood.


Always Pre-Heated the Grill

Even when you are in hurry, it is not proper to throw the brats or meat on top of a cold grill. It will ruin everything. This is why you have to consider pre heat the grill at 375 at least an hour before. That way, when you add meat or brats from the smoking pit, they are hot and sizzling on the grill. This should be understood when you are asking about how to smoke brats, too. They smoking pit has to be preheated as well.

Brats on Traeger Tips and Tricks to Grill the Perfect Brats

Check Internal Temperature Constantly

The normal, medium sized brats should have the internal temperature of 148 F before you can take them out of the grill. It will be hard to check the temperature without the help of meat thermometer. Buy them as they are so cheap and useful in the kitchen. They should help you check the internal temperature very easily.


Do NOT Slice Brats Immediately

When you just cannot wait and want to slice the brats immediately, well, you are making a massive mistake there. All you need to do is waiting for the brats to rest for 10 minutes before slicing them. It helps the juice from the meat to stay inside the meat instead of oozing out.

By following those tips above, you will surely end up with amazing bratwurst for the BBQ. Make sure that those tips above are well-recalled so that the bratwurst or any types of sausages you try to cook on the Trager grills will come up perfect. All you have to do to make good brats on Traeger is just making sure that those simple tips are done.

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