Are Haribo Gummy Bears Gluten Free? Make Sure to Read This before Grabbing Your Haribo Gummies

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Are Haribo Gummy Bears Gluten Free

Are Haribo gummy bears gluten free? This one specific question may be the first question that pops in your mind especially if you are allergic to foods with gluten. Well, let’s get to know what Haribo is. Haribo is basically a brand of gummy bears originated from Germany. Haribo is basically the abbreviation of the founder’s name, Johannes ‘Hans’ Riegel Sr., and the city where the confectionary company is born, which was in Bonn.

The company then started making its candy—the gummy bears, to be specific, in 1922. The gummy bears were called as Gummibärchen. Marking its long way to the 21st century, the gummy bears candy is still loved by many as it has a lot of flavor and color to entice customers.

Given that Haribo gummy bears are a big hit in the world of confectionary, some people whose gut has problem to digest gluten may start to wonder whether the product is gluten-free. So, are Haribo gummy bears gluten free?

The answer is no. According to some resources, Haribo gummy bears are listed as one product that is not gluten-free. Why so? Although Haribo does not directly contain wheat, Haribo gummy bears have a decent amount of glucose which comes from wheat or corn. That’s why people are listing it as one product that is not suggested for people with gut problem, especially gluten-related problem.

In the official website of Haribo, the question of ‘are Haribo gluten-free?’ is listed as one of the frequently asked questions. Rephrasing what the company says regarding this matter, the company says that in some Haribo products they do use ingredients that contain wheat. The company also said that even though there are products that don’t directly use wheat as part of their ingredients, they cannot make sure whether the ingredients are totally clean from the trace of gluten. So, as a bottom line, they said that their products may contain gluten.

As a consequence, if you got enticed with the charming color of the gummies and people’s reviews about the taste, remind yourself that the product may contain gluten and that’s why you should be careful. If you are still unsure about it, it’d be better to check the ingredients before taking it into your munching. As stated in their official website, allergens are often written in bold in the list.

Another way to ensure that the Haribo product you are going to chew is free from gluten is to call the customer care. That way, you can get the answer of ‘are Haribo gummy bears gluten free?’ and make sure that each Haribo gummies that you chew is safe for your gut.

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