Acai Puree Packets: What Can You Make with Them?

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Acai Puree Packets: What Can You Make with Them?

Some people are buying acai puree packets and then get confused what to do with them. Well, if you have been trying to eat more healthily too and you end up buying these super foods, you need to know exactly what you can make with those puree packets. Thankfully, there are tons of them. The full information can be seen below.


Acai Bowls


Instead of asking how to make acai puree, you can buy the finished product now. Acai puree is available everywhere and with that at home, you can make acai bowl. This is essentially just a really thick, almost porridge-like, blended acai served with fresh fruits and other additional ingredients. You can use the puree straight from its packet and add the desired toppings.

Acai Smoothies

Acai is considered as a kind of berry and they are treated like so. Just like any other berries, acai is great for smoothies. They have the hint of tangy flavor and they taste really good when mixed with other creamy ingredients and frozen fruits to make smoothie. People often make “power smoothie” with acai by mixing acai puree packets with spinach and kale, too.


Acai Beverages

Acai tastes really good and this is why they are often infused into fresh beverages. Acai puree can also get blended with some cocktails to make sangria or something else. They taste really nice eventually and you just have to try them out. Lemonade will also have elevated taste with acai puree added to them.


Acai Treats

Acai puree can also be used as ingredients in many treats. You can add them into pancake batter, banana bread batter, granola mix, truffle mix, or energy bites mix. It is all up to you. This puree can also be mixed with heavy cream, honey, and sweet condensed milk and then blended into ice cream mix. All you have to do is keeping them in the freezer and there you have acai ice cream.

Acai is indeed really good for your health. It is packed with vitamin and antioxidant that can help your body to works perfectly. Instead of getting the fresh fruit, which can be pretty rare and expensive, getting its puree product seems to be a better idea. With the ideas of recipes and things to make above, you can definitely consume acai puree packets any way you like, from eating it to drinking it all day long.

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